Innovations that Make Heating and Air Conditioning Better

If you have a decade old heating and air conditioning system, maybe now is the best time to get an upgrade. The innovation in today’s technology has made HVAC systems better than ever. As a matter of fact, new HVAC technologies change the way we cool or heat our homes. And you have to take advantage of them as early as now.  

Here are some of the newer features of HVAC systems that you can enjoy as soon as you do a system upgrade. Simply make sure that the new units that you’re buying feature these elements and you’re all set.  

  1. Movement-Activated Cooling System

The newest design in air conditioning systems come with sensors. When movements are detected, the sensors activate the air conditioner. As such, the air conditioner automatically shuts off when there is nobody inside the room. This innovation can help you save a lot in your energy bill.  

  1. Thermal-Driven Cooling System

Thermally driven air conditioners are yet another innovative design that uses solar energy to power up the system. In the absence of the sun, natural gas is used instead. As such, this system is a highly efficient one and is perfect for use in places when its summer all year round. It’s also more cost effective and cheaper to install.  

  1. OnDemand Water Circulator 

An on-demand water circulator uses a pump that circulates cool back into the water heater. This feature saves up to 12,000 gallons of water used to warm up your home. If this water is reused through circulation, then you’re actually saving a lot of resources in the long run.  

  1. Ice-Powered Cooling System 

Air conditioners that are powered by ice freezes water inside a tank throughout the night so that it can be used the next day. Such a system is designed to work for six hours initially. So for the rest of the day, traditional air conditioners take over.  

  1. Sensor-Powered Ventilation

Your ventilation system can be powered by sensors as well. This helps in regulating the temperature of the entire room, as well as the air pressure and air quality. The sensors are placed in the ceiling, floor, and wall of your home so that they can do the job.  

  1. Dual-Fuel Heating Pumps

This technology uses a certain fuel combination when heating up your home. So instead of using just electricity or furnace, the two systems are combined in one unit for a more efficient system. As a result, the fuel that’s readily available is used. Choosing the one that costs lower in the market at the moment is possible.  

  1. Geothermal Heating Pumps

Did you know that you may also use geothermal energy in powering your heating systems? This technology maybe a huge investment but it also promises you with a lot of savings in the long run. Geothermal heating pumps have been utilized since 1940 and they’re making a huge comeback today. 

Check out with a reputable company providing services related to heating and air Rock Hill SC to know more about these technologies. See if any of these are readily available in your area and find out how your home can benefit from them.  

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