How to Look Rich Broke Style    

Who said looking rich has to be super expensive? If you can’t afford to buy those luxury items that would make anyone drool. You don’t have to yet, you can make sure to work out something that would make the whole thing a lot friendlier than you could imagine. You can still look like a luxury even without the luxury itself. It would a whole lot of effort and determination though but you will get there.  


Here in this article, you will learn what are some the things that you have to deal with to ensure that you do get looking rich even without too much money riding on it.  


  1. SALONS  


There are plenty of salons that you can check in on and see. Nail, hair, makeup and even tanning salons North York to help you with whatever it is you need to feel awesome. There is no need for you to feel like you are but clearly the wrong person in. You have to feel like you did good and feel confident in your own skin wherever that point may be for you.  




There are a lot of clothing options for you. You can dress to your body type however, nobody is stopping you from wearing the clothing you love as long as it is going to make you feel like you are the best version of yourself. There is no need for you to bug out of your skin or totally melting because it is the way it has to looks. As long as you are happy with your clothes you are good to go.  


  1. FOOD  


Good food and lots of water can bring you a long way from what you would expect. There is a whole lot of things that you have to think about but there shouldn’t be anything too hard on yourself. You need to reconsider grabbing those junk foods on the aisle while grocery shopping. You need to start eating better and making sure that you haven’t forgotten your liquids.  




Exercise may be one of the most important things you have to consider. You have to move yourself to ensure that you are not wasting your time doing things you have no deal of dealing with. You have to make sure that your body is just as ready in taking any challenges that life throws at you. So, exercise your body, you can go out with all the cardio or whatever workout regimen work for you but exercise is part of making sure that you looking like the whole picnic.  


  1. MIND  


Never forget the mind with everything else. You can shop in thrift shops looking for luxury clothes but what you have to think about is also your mind. You have to have a moment to yourself. Downtime when you really think about it. You have to sort out everything about yourself easier. It is never a place for you to stay in, you can have things that way and you would be happy still.  

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